Chinese E-Scooter Maker NIU Releases BQi-C3 Pro Electric Bicycle

It seems that all manufacturers are destined to go down the e-bike route. In recent times, a multitude of automotive, motorcycle, and EV makers have rolled out their own interpretation of the ideal electric bicycle. Porsche has made numerous partnerships geared towards this initiative, while the likes of Yamaha and Ducati have also teamed up with popular brands in the cycling world.

This time around, Chinese electric scooter company NIU is dipping its toes in the e-bike scene. We’ve talked about NIU quite a bit here on InsideEVs, as the company is one of the few two-wheeled EV makers from China worth talking about. The company has an interesting lineup of electric scooters and mopeds in 2022, but is now shaking things up for 2023 with a new electric bicycle. In fact, NIU has been diversifying into a larger selection of two-wheeled electric vehicles over the past few years, and it is now officially releasing its highly anticipated BQi-C3 Pro e-bike

The company’s iconic halo headlamp, which can be seen on the majority of its electric scooters and mopeds, is also installed on the bike. Additionally, there are brake and tail lights located behind the cargo rack integrated into the frame. The battery status, riding mode display, ride duration, distance traveled, and other information are all shown on a handlebar-mounted TFT color display. It has 27.5-inch wheels and 2.4-inch-wide tires for a smooth ride that is mostly designed for use on paved roads. Overall, it tips the scales at a rather hefty 32 kilograms, but makes up for this with a 130-kilogram payload capacity.

As for pricing and availability, the NIU BQi-C3 is now available for pre-order, and is available in either White, Gray, or Black. Price is set at $1,999, and deliveries are expected to commence in November, 2022. 

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