Chevy Silverado Slips By Ram To Win Second-Place Sales Crown In 2020

The battle for second place is even tighter, it seems.

Guess it suffices to say that 2020 isn’t a prosperous year, especially within the automotive industry where vehicle sales weren’t as good as they used to. Then again, the whole economy still soldiered on and delivered. We’ve already received the sales numbers for America’s favorite body style: trucks.

Note that the numbers here include all forms of trucks, half-ton and heavy-duty. Ford hasn’t released any numbers yet as of this writing but with a six-digit margin from the next bestseller by the end of September, it isn’t a long shot to conclude that the F-150 still takes the crown as the top-selling truck in the U.S. in 2020, and overall for passenger vehicles. We’ll update this story with the F-150 sales numbers as soon as they come in.

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While it isn’t going well for Chevrolet in terms of pony car sales numbers, it’s a different case in the truck segment. The Chevy Silverado upends the 1500 by the end of the year, selling 594,094 units versus Ram’s 562,676 units delivered, effectively giving the second-place truck sales crown to the Golden Bow Tie brand.

Another GM brand is in fourth place with GMC moving 253,016 Sierras before entering 2021. The Japanese full-size trucks conclude the list at fifth and sixth spots, with the Tundra selling 109,203 units and the Titan moving a measly 26,439 units.

It’s interesting to point out that among the mentioned truck names here, those from the General were the only ones that tallied a sales increase when compared to their numbers from 2019. The Silverado registered a 3.2 percent increase (594,094 in 2020 versus 575,600 in 2019), while the Sierra recorded an 8.9 percent sales hike (253,016 in 2020 versus 232,323 in 2019).

With the new 2021 Ford F-150 out and about, we’re expecting the Blue Oval to still dominate 2021 in terms of truck sales numbers. As for Chevy and Ram, we can expect another tight competition, as always. Of note, the Chevy Silverado outsold Ram in 2018 but that was overturned in 2019.


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