Chevrolet Bolt EUV Teaser Shows 235 Miles Of Range At 80-85% Charge

If the range when fully charged will be similar or higher than in the Bolt EV, possibly the battery will have a higher capacity.

Chevrolet teased today the steering wheel of the upcoming 2022 Bolt EUV (a cousin of Bolt EV), which is scheduled to enter series production in Summer 2021.

At first sight, the main thing here is just a preview of the steering wheel, equipped with Super Cruise technology (the Bolt EUV will get it as the first Chevrolet model), but something else caught our attention.

There is the range number shown on the display. 235 miles (378 km) on a not fully charged battery (looks like maybe 80-85% State-of-Charge).

There are also additional minimum and maximum values: 193 miles (311 km) and 277 miles (446 km) respectively. The minimum is at about 82% of the nominal, while the maximum is at 18% above the nominal.

The currently available Chevrolet Bolt EV has a combined EPA range of 259 miles (417 km). That’s about 10% more than the EUV’s teaser at 80-85% SOC.

Assuming that it’s 85%, the 100% SOC range would be around 275 miles (442 km) or several percent more than the Bolt EV’s EPA results.

But it’s a bigger vehicle. A similar or higher range suggests to us that the battery capacity might increase beyond the Bolt EV’s 66 kWh.

Or maybe it’s just a random figure that Chevrolet left as an example not related to the target EPA range rating?

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