Sees Surge In Cadillac Traffic After Latest Lyriq Super Bowl Ad

The Edward Scissorhands-inspired commercial really seems to have struck a chord with viewers.

Cadillac chose to promote its upcoming electric SUV, the Lyriq, (as well as its SuperCruise semi-autonomous driving system) by looking back at the 1990 Tim Burton movie Edward Scissorhands. And this really seems to have paid off, according to, after the site saw a 194 percent rise in Cadillac-related searches. also reports a 169 percent increase in the number of hits to GM’s EV-related pages (probably thanks to the ads promoting the GMC Hummer EV), as well as a 157 percent surge in visits to its dedicated Ford Mustang Mach-E page; Ford aired Mach-E ads in select local markets, but it seems the Blue Oval targeted its markets well and it paid off. Searches for EVs also went up, although by a more modest 77 percent.

According to Brooke Skinner Ricketts, chief experience officer of,

This year’s Big Game saw 50% less OEM advertisers compared to last year, likely due to overall sports viewership down all season. Some automakers favored more targeted, efficient digital media advertising on around the Big Game to better reach the millions of active car shoppers who choose our marketplace as a critical destination to research, read reviews and connect with local dealers. As automotive brands continue to focus on this valuable in-market shopper audience, is a leading platform for marketers who prioritize impact and efficiency.

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