Car insurance shock: Getting married can lead to ‘extra savings’ and reduce costs by £200

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Car insurance firms could cut the cost of a yearly agreement if a customer ties the knot as a result of accident data and previous statistics. Uswitch warns that single drivers are twice as likely to have a car accident than those who are married meaning cysts are usually higher.

Firms see married people as lower-risk compared to those not in a relationship with hundreds of pounds set to be saved,

Analysis from uSwitch warns that premiums can decrease by up to £200 for couples in their thirties in a major price reduction.,

Uswitch warns that even traditionally high-risk insurance groups can see premiums dramatically cut by simply getting married.

However, they warn that divers who aren’t quite ready for the next step can still receive money off if they can prove they are in a long term relationship.

Some insurers do offer specific discounts for couples living together which could be great for long-term partners.

Costs are reduced because some insurers feel encouraged that a driver will spend less time driving alone.

This is believed to decrease the risk of dangerous driving or being caught out in incidents late at night.

USwitch car insurance spokesperson has urged recently married couples to update their details to ensure they can “reap the benefits”.

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The spokesperson said: “Whilst there are so many wonderful reasons to get married, making an extra saving on your car insurance is another added bonus.

“If you get married, remember to update your provider and send evidence of your marriage certificate to ensure your policy is updated and you can reap the benefits.”

Experts at Compare the Market also confirm that getting married could reduce motorists’ car insurance premiums.

They say that the figures suggest that couples make fewer expensive claims than single people which will lead to attractive premiums.

This is because motorists are effectively adding a named driver to their policy which means they are spreading the risk across another driver.

Traditionally, this can reduce the overall premiums as it limits the amount of time one driver spends behind the wheel.

But they have warned that costs may not be reduced in certain circumstances if a diver has a history of bad driving.

They warn that road users who have racked up points on their licence or previously made a claim may not see heavy discounts applied.

This is because their previous reprimands count for more than the added bonus of being married.

Compare the Market has also issued a vital warning to road users that in some cases they could be caught out by fronting.

The firm warns that a named driver is one that uses the car occasionally with the main driver putting in the most miles.

However, if drivers lie about this to save on their insurance premiums, they could be breaking fronting charges and invalidate their agreement.

This catches out plenty of parents each year as they desperately name themselves on policies to reduce their child’s monthly payments.

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