Car insurance could be invalidated if you drive with friends under these driving laws

Car insurance agreements can be broken by making simple mistakes which could force motorists to pay for their repair bills in an accident. According to the RAC, agreements can be invalidated by trying to fit too many people in your vehicle or charging for giving people a lift. 


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Both of these are likely to break existing clauses in your policy and could even land you in serious trouble with the law. 

Overloading a car 

Putting too much into a vehicle will likely invalidate your car insurance policy as this could be seen as distracting and dangerous. 

As long as everyone in the vehicle has a seatbelt and there is enough moveable space, motorists should be fine and not face any issues with the law. 

However, squeezing an extra person in between other passengers along the back seats is not allowed. 

This can also disrupt your car’s performance which can cause a safety concern. 

Extra passengers may also block your rear windscreen which could make it hard to see important road hazards and drive safely. 

Extra weight will cause the underside of the car to drag which can affect steering functions and braking ability. 

This will also cause your headlights to become disjointed which could dazzle other road users and make your car a moving target for police officers to inspect. 

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Drivers are obliged to make sure every motorist wears a seatbelt and travelling without one could see motorists hit with on-the-spot fines of £500. 

It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure any passenger below the age of 14 has got a seatbelt fitted and fines will be sent to the person in control of the vehicle. 

Driving with more passengers than available seats could also be deemed dangerous driving which could see you face court action and hit with a £5,000 fine. 

Charging for services 

Using your car illegally as a taxi service is also likely to invalidate your policy in a major blow for motorists. 

Only registered taxi companies can legally charge for road journeys and those found to have made a profit on an unlicensed car could face fines of up to £2,500. 


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Vehicle owners can receive money for simple running costs such as fuel but cannot make any extra profits on top of this. 

Desperate motorists have been seen to regularly advertise lift services on social media websites with some more than 5,000 people signed up to a Facebook service in Bournemouth. 

The trend is so popular amongst young people, police revealed they stopped and checked 125 vehicles in just one weekend last year. 

Although offering to drive strangers for free is not illegal, making any added profits is not legal and could see motorists face devastating consequences. 

A statement from Dorset Police warned motorists of the dangers of the scheme, adding road users could be fined or face penalty points. 

Vehicles could also be seized on the spot and motorists may be prosecuted which could lead to a driving ban. 

Dorset Police said: “Before offering a lift in exchange for money, you should speak to your insurance company as this could invalidate your insurance and may result in your vehicle being seized by police, a fixed penalty or prosecution resulting in a fine, points on your licence or disqualification from driving.”

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