Car erupts into flames after driver uses blankets to keep battery warm

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A motorist’s vehicle erupted into flames after they used blankets and towels to keep their car battery warm after a journey.

Unsurprisingly, the fire service issued a statement warning people against doing this.

On their social media channels, West Midlands Fire Service wrote: “Please don’t try this at home – or anywhere! The driver used blankets and towels to keep the battery warm after a journey, so the car would start easily.”

The fire was extinguished by firefighters from Foleshill fire station, reports Coventry Live.

And readers were quick to cast in the comments…

“What on earth went through their head?! I hope this is a joke lol,” mocked one reader.

Another person wrote: “This is a joke, right!!? And if not, they are definitely walking among us. They should be charged for the call-out in my opinion.”

“Common sense has gone in this world,” laughed another.

One person said: “Well, in fairness, they have achieved part of their aim… the battery was still ‘warm’ but I doubt it’ll start as they desired”.

“People used to do this years ago; I thought people had more sense these days,” one questioned.

Completing the social media pile-on, one user joked: “It’s a shame there was no common sense there… I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they have a conversation with the insurance”.

According to Halfords, there are plenty of safe ways you can keep your car battery warm during the winter months.

Going for regular drives and parking your vehicle in a garage can prevent your car battery from freezing, as can having a fully charged battery.

Fully charged car batteries are much less susceptible to freezing.

For more information on keeping your battery warm and charged during the colder months, click here.

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