Can you have driving lessons in Tier 3?

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The second lockdown across England has been in place for nearly a month, and now new guidelines have been drawn up to manage coronavirus as lockdown ends. The country will return to the tiered system it was in before the second lockdown, however, rules have been toughened to bring the R-rate down.

On Thursday, the Government unveiled which areas would enter into each of the three tiers.

Tier 1 is classed as medium alert and has the most relaxed rules of the three.

Tier 2 is high alert, and Tier 3 is the strictest at very high alert.

With the rules due to come into effect next week, many have been wondering how their tier affects them.

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Can you have driving lessons in Tier 3?

Driving lessons were put on hold in the nationwide lockdown, with all businesses closed and Britons urged not to travel unless necessary.

This meant both theory and practical lessons, and tests were put on hold.

However now in all tiers driving lessons and test can go ahead.

In England, driving tests are suspended up to and including Wednesday 2 December.

Do not travel to Scotland or Wales to take a driving test. You will not be allowed to take it there.

In Scotland, driving tests are taking place in council areas in local COVID protection levels 0 to 3.

Driving tests will be suspended in council areas in local COVID protection level 4.

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You must not travel out of a level 4 area to take your driving test somewhere else.

In Wales, driving tests are currently allowed to take place.

Those taking tests and lessons are urged to wear masks when in the test centre and in cars.

The Government website also asks: “Do not arrive for your driving test more than five minutes before your appointment time.

“The driving test centre waiting room will be closed to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, but the toilets will be available on request.”

You must clean the inside of your car before your test. This means:

  • tidying any unnecessary items away from the dashboard, footwells, door pockets, cup holders and seats
  • wiping down the dashboard and car controls

The examiner will do an additional clean of some surfaces.

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency has introduced safety precautions. These include:

  • driving examiners wearing face coverings – they might also choose to wear gloves and use disposable seat covers
  • limiting the number of people arriving for a driving test at the same time
  • not allowing your driving instructor or supervising driver to sit in the back during your test

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