Can I get my car MOT during lockdown?

Boris Johnson announces new national lockdown

Boris Johnson has ordered all non-essential shops to close in England, after coronavirus cases have risen to its highest-ever recorded levels. What does that mean for garages? Here’s all of the latest information for motorists for Lockdown 3.

The UK has seen rising infection numbers of coronavirus over the past few weeks.

The NHS’s ability to handle such a vast number of Covid patients has come into question, and the UK’s four Chief Medical Officers agreed to raise to the Covid Alert Level from 4 to 5 on Monday evening.

The Prime Minister has been forced into announcing new, tougher restrictions again, despite the UK coming out of lockdown just one month ago.

He explained that the discovery of the new Covid variant has put increased pressure on the NHS.

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“It has been both frustrating and alarming to see the speed with which the new variant is spreading,” said Johnson.

“As I speak to you tonight, our hospitals are under more pressure from Covid than at any time since the start of the pandemic.

“In England, we must therefore go into a national lockdown which is tough enough to contain this variant.

“You may only leave home for limited reasons permitted in law, such as to shop for essentials, to work if you absolutely cannot work from home, to exercise, to seek medical assistance such as getting a Covid test, or to escape domestic abuse.”

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Can I get my car MOT during lockdown?

Garages will remain open throughout the lockdown period, the Government has confirmed.

They’re classed as an essential service – just as they were for the previous two national lockdowns.

That means that if you’re booked in for an MOT, you can still drive to the garage as planned.

But the Government urged motorists to only get an MOT “if you need to drive when lawfully leaving home”.

Under current restrictions, you’ll lawfully be using your car if you’re driving to work as a key worker.

You may also choose to drive to the local supermarket to collect essential food supplies, or to the nearest chemist for medicine.

You’ll also be allowed to use the car if you’re driving to escape domestic abuse.

But you should only use your car – and subsequently, get an MOT – if you absolutely need to.

A six-month extension was introduced for MOT requirements during the first national lockdown.

That meant that people needing to renew their MOT by the end of March 2020 were given an extra few months before going to the garage.

But, the extension ended on August 1, and motorists could only use their car if they had a valid MOT certificate.

During the November lockdown, this MOT extension wasn’t re-introduced. It’s therefore unlikely that it will return for Lockdown 3.

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