Calls for car dash cams to be made mandatory in the UK – ‘time for action is now’

London: Dash cam footage captures car driving on pavement

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According to statistics from the Department for Transport, there were an estimated 1,580 road deaths in the year ending June 2020, including three months of the national lockdown. There were 24,470 killed or seriously injured casualties in reported road traffic accidents for the year ending June 2020.

Whilst this is a significant decrease of 11 percent compared to the year ending June 2019, a quarter of the year was in lockdown when road traffic crimes plummeted.

The total number of casualties at all levels of severity were recorded at 131,200 people.

Dash cams are legal in the UK and can often be used to help protect drivers, especially for insurance claims.

It is extremely important that the dash cam does not obstruct the drivers’ field of vision while driving.

If the police decide it’s positioned unsafely, you could be fined, and footage recorded on it could be rendered inadmissible in court.

The Department of Transport says: “Drivers must ensure they have a clear view of the road and traffic ahead at all times.

“This includes placing smartphones, dash cams or other items in an appropriate position, so they do not restrict their vision.”

The Highway Code states that any obstructions cannot be more than 40mm into the area swept by the windscreen wiper blades.

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A spokesperson for spoke of the need for dash cams for the sake of driver and pedestrian safety.

They said: “Up and down the country every day, there are hundreds of incidents taking place on our roads which result in minor or major injuries, or even death.

“We would like to see the Government make it mandatory for every motorist to have a dash cam fitted in their vehicle as an extra layer of protection for drivers, their passengers and all road users.

“There are on average 67 people seriously injured or killed on UK roads every day – that is 67 lives devastated along with the lives of their loved ones.

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