BYD Presents 12-Meter eBus With All-New Aluminium Body

BYD buses in Europe highly improved over the years thanks to redesigning, upgrades and local production.

BYD was present at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, Sweden with its top-selling 12-meter electric bus, which currently is offered in an all-new aluminum body.

The use of aluminum makes the vehicle lighter, which is very important when you have 348 kWh of batteries on-board for 250 km (155 miles) of range. Other benefits of aluminum use are higher structural strength, improved sealing performance and anti-corrosion properties.

BYD eBus 12m is offered in two- and three-door variants with a maximum capacity of 80 passengers.

Production of the 12-meter electric buses for Europe takes place in Komarom, Hungary, although BYD launched also s econd plant in Beauvais, France for all the other models – including 10.8-m midibus, 18-metre articulated bus with capacity for up to 140 passengers and 13-meter 59-seat electric coaches.

BYD holds over 20% of the electric bus market so far in Europe, with more than 700 deployed or ordered vehicles. Globally, the counter exceeds 50,000 (we guess over 48,000 in China).


More about the BYD 12-meter eBus:

“Power is delivered via BYD’s fully electric drivetrain technology featuring high capacity 348 kWh Iron-Phosphate batteries providing an impressive over 250 km range (based on the 12-metre model). The drivetrain also benefits from BYD’s innovative wheel-hub-motor – meaning no gearbox, driveshaft or differential componentry – and also BYD’s industry-leading Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) delivering excellent heat interchange properties. BTMS successfully reduces battery degradation while extending battery life and vehicle operating range.

A range of eBus charging solutions are in place to meet divergent customer requirements, including AC charging, DC charging and opportunity charging. BYD charging infrastructure is easy to install, use and maintain.

Smart Monitoring and Diagnosing System (SMDS) allows BYD operators to monitor real-time status of their eBuses and their charging posts. Operators can remotely diagnose any problems and control the vehicles’ systems, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Driving data generated by SMDS can be analysed and used for further research.

A new intelligent low-voltage electricity management system integrates all the electric circuits of the bus, while a newly upgraded self-diagnosis function effectively diagnoses short circuits caused by excessive internal heat or voltage. The system may be tailored to meet a diverse range of operational requirements. Additional protection is afforded for both the hardware and software, thus further enhancing overall safety of the bus.

Optimisation of the drive-axle and use of sound-proofing materials have markedly reduced internal noise, enhancing the passenger and driver experience. Smooth vehicle acceleration has also increased passenger comfort. USB sockets are installed for passenger convenience.

A greater choice of body colours and professional colour matching better meets customers’ requirements.”

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