BYD Is Gearing Up For Entry Level BEVs

BYD e-series and s-series lineup of plug-ins to consist of several new models

BYD, one of the leading Chinese plug-in electric car manufacturers, introduced at the past 2019 Shanghai Auto Show an all-new, attractive looking BYD e2 entry level electric car as well as announced ane entire lineup of affordable models – e1, e2, e3, e5 and e6 (plus their crossover/SUV versions s2, s3 and s5). The e1 is already on the market from April.

With mid to long range and expected affordable pricing, BYD probably intends to expand its EV business to the lower-end, as the high-end with all the new startups (NIO, BYTON, Tesla to mention just a few) is getting crowded. The second thing is probably the upcoming phase-out of EV subsidies, which requires BYD to offer more affordable models.

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“As well as the concept car and Dynasty series, BYD e Series models e1, e2 and s2 also attracted much attention at the auto show, and all three inherit the design genes of BYD’s new international design team. The e1 is positioned as an economic pure electric compact car, built using the BNA, BYD e platform and DiLink Intelligent Network system, with running costs as low as 0.05 RMB (0.007 USD) per kilometer, while providing enough charge for 100km in just 12 minutes.

The s2 is an all-around smart SUV, offering 305km coverage fully charged, and taking just 15 minutes to provide charge for 100km of coverage. The e Series also come equipped with rich, fun and intelligent networking functions, which means that they offer both top quality and a higher price-to-performance ratio. Their core technologies, stylish designs and smart features make them an attractive buy for younger consumers.”

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