Buying a used car for sale is most affordable and best value in this popular city

Used cars in Edinburgh can be purchased for an average price of £11,223 but low mileage and fresh vehicles have boosted it the top of the rankings. On average, vehicles sold around the area have clocked just under 25,000 miles while most cars were just four years old.


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Liverpool came a close second after their average second-hand vehicle came with just over 26,000 miles at £10,671.  

Scottish town Paisley came third in the rankings after a solid all-round performance in the three tests.

Vehicles in the area were found to be the youngest in the nation with the majority of used cars being just four years since production.

Average mileage was the second smallest with vehicles sold displaying an average of just under 24,500 on the clock.

The analysis revealed Luton was the absolute cheapest place to purchase a used car in the UK with average costs of just £7,741.

However, the area failed to make AA Cars’ list of the top 20 areas in the UK after the average mileage was found to be over 65,000, the worst of anywhere in Britain.

Rotherham was the cheapest area in the company’s top 20 all-rounder locations with prices of just under £9,500.

Norwich, Nottingham and Preston were also revealed to be among the cheapest areas for used car sales which still maintained strong average mileage rates.

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James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars said: “Our snapshot of the used car industry shows there is some regional variation when it comes to finding a used vehicle, and there are some areas of Britain where drivers can get added value out of their purchase.”

The area with the best average mileage was Winsford where average used cars come with just 22,510 miles under their belt.

Aberdeen, Sheffield and Stirling all recorded average mileages of under 26,000 while Glasgow, Inverness and Chelmsford were also among the lowest average totals.

The research revealed it can be beneficial to travel to different regions when purchasing a car.


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Prospective buyers who travel from Inverness to Glasgow are likely to save £1,500 on average vehicle prices.

Motorists can also save £5,000 from purchasing a car in Nottingham compared to Sheffield despite the journey taking just over one hour.

“Online portals such as AA Cars have made it far simpler for drivers to assess what vehicles are on offer in their local area and beyond, helping them secure the best deal possible.

“Travelling a few extra miles to buy a car can be particularly beneficial for making savings, or finding less widely-available models.”

According to motoring experts at the RAC, research is vital when purchasing a used car to check how much cars are worth.

Motorists should look online at identical vehicles with varying mileage and conditions to see whether your seller is giving your good deal.

The research may even allow you to successfully negotiate the price lower in a massive win for motorists.

As well as researching mileage stats and pricing, buyers are urged to conduct expert checks on a car before handing over the money.

Checking for important safety features such as tyre tread can save you money in replacements and fines.

Dents, scratches and low fluid levels are all warning signs the car has not been well maintained which may put you off taking the vehicle.

Buyers must weigh up whether the wear and tear are deemed consistent with the age and mileage of the

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