Bugatti Teases Mystery Model That Never Went Into Production

Bugatti has built and delivered some of the world’s most stunning and powerful cars ever assembled by an automaker. The Veyron and Chiron are icons that have spawned numerous special editions and other unique models. Bugatti appears to be teasing one such car for a reveal later this week, and it looks like it’s a vehicle that never went into production. What is Bugatti doing?

The lone teaser image shows off what appears to be a modified Bugatti Chiron hiding under a black cloth. Adding to the mystery is the caption that reads, “An automotive solitaire that never hit production,” and no, Bugatti isn’t talking about the card game that Microsoft made famous. “Solitaire” is also a word that stands for a standalone gem, like a diamond – or a special Bugatti.

The covering hides the Bugatti’s finer styling details, but the C-shaped greenhouse is impossible to miss, with the crease clearly visible in the sheet. The car’s truncated rear end is also reminiscent of the Chiron, but this one appears to have some sort of wing or spoiler hanging off the back. Lightening the image in Photoshop did not reveal any additional design details, with the front of the car heavily concealed in shadows.

The cloth covering hides any other styling changes Bugatti made to this vehicle, but thankfully we won’t have to wait long to see what it is. It seems like the Bugatti will debut the model this week – on December 21 – with RM Sotheby’s, the auction house. It’s unclear if Bugatti plans to auction it off or why RM is even involved, all of which adds to the car’s mystery.

Bugatti Rimac is already charting its next chapter, with an all-new hypercar in development. According to company CEO Mate Rimac, the new model will arrive with a “totally bonkers” internal combustion engine, and the model will have no connections to the Chiron or the Rimac Nevera. The automaker won’t reveal it until sometime next year, likely going on sale in 2025 as it wraps up Mistral and Bolide deliveries, the last models named on the Chiron hypercar.

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