Bono's Old Mercedes SEL Looks Normal, Is Definitely Not

And you can actually buy it.

U2 made its international debut with the Boy album in October 1980, which was followed by the band’s first tour of continental Europe and the US. These early live performances weren’t as polished as today’s concerts, but they basically introduced the talent of Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr., Edge, and Bono to the world. To celebrate the success of its first major production with U2, the latter bought this beautiful 1980 Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL.

Well, beautiful is probably not the exact word here. While on the outside it looks like a regular SEL from that era, the interior certainly grabs attention with its cowhide pattern for the seats, door panels, and even parcel shelf. Apparently, this was not commissioned by Bono and most likely one of the later owners of the stately sedan decided to play a little with its interior color combo. As you can see from the photos, the interior shows some wear especially on the driver’s seat.

Ex-Bono Mercedes SEL for sale

Already a true rockstar, Bono however, equipped the car with a professional audio system shortly after purchasing the vehicle. The system includes a number of amps fitted in the boot and even an additional fire extinguisher – you know, just in case. There’s also a CD changer fitted in the passenger footwell, though not everything is probably working as there’s currently a small fault with the radio.

From the outside, almost everything looks original, though not everything is in good condition. There are a few small parts missing, including the front lower grille and a small section of the main radiator grille. The paint job is relatively good for a 31-year-old car, though there are some rust points on the leading edge of the hood plus lacquer damage on different sections of the car.

This car will be auctioned on July 18 and we expect it could fetch a lot of money, mainly due to its pedigree. Yes, the condition is far from perfect but we suppose the new owner will keep it as it is and will not restore it back to factory glory.


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