BMW to use cylindrical battery cells in future EVs from 2025, similar to Tesla next-gen 4680 battery cell: report –

BMW will reportedly be using a cylindrical battery cell supplied by Chinese battery manufacturer EVE similar to that of the 4680-format used by Tesla, and the battery maker is also looking to supply American EV manufacturer, according to Electrek; the Chinese battery maker was also reported by Reuters to be supplying BMW with “large cylindrical batteries” for its electric cars in Europe.

EVE has signed contracts to be the primary supplier of battery cells to BMW in Europe for EV models due to go on sale from 2025, according to a Reuters source with direct knowledge of the deal. The Chinese battery manufacturer will be constructing its cylindrical battery production facility in Debrecen, Hungary; its first plant in Europe, Reuters quoted its source as saying.

Tesla introduced its 4680 tabless battery cell design at its Battery Day event in September 2020. So-named for its dimensions of 80 mm height and 46 mm diameter, the 4680 battery cell promised to offer six times the power, five times the energy density for a 16% increase in effective battery range in electric vehicles, Tesla said at the battery’s introduction.

Tesla 4680 cylindrical battery cell

Separately, Chinese battery maker Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) has also be reported to be due to supply BMW from 2025. The 4680 battery cell for Tesla vehicles has already been pressed into service in the Model Y, which is being built at the carmaker’s Gigafactory in Texas, Electrek wrote.

Tesla starting manufacturing the 4680 battery cell this year, and the batteries made by EVE will be similar in size, sources told Reuters. Company filings also revealed that EVE is planning for a large cylindrical battery plant to be constructed in central China, the news wire added.

The American EV maker has however also been encouraging other battery manufacturers to produce the 4680 battery cell for there to be more battery cells to be purchased by Tesla, which has seen several major battery manufacturers including LG, Panasonic and Samsung set to supply the latest batteries for the American EV maker.

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