BMW Malaysia teams up with Childline Foundation for 'From Day One' campaign – child car seat advocacy

BMW Malaysia has partnered with Childline Foundation for the fifth edition of the BMW Safety 360° Programme to promote ‘From Day One’, a safety campaign that is aimed at educating the public on the importance of using child car seats in vehicles, particularly for newborns.

“Since 2015, the BMW Safety 360° Programme has aspired to advocate safety values to keep drivers, passengers and road users safer on our roads. With ‘From Day One’, we want parents to realise the urgency of protecting their babies from the moment they leave the hospital. We also hope to educate them on the correct installation and usage of child car seats,” said Harald Hoelzl, managing director of BMW Group Malaysia

“This festival season – whether during Hari Raya or the Kaamatan and Gawai Festivals – we want to remind all parents traveling on the road, whether short or long distance to make sure their children are in the right child car seat. This is as important as ensuring we have our seat belts on too, ensuring everyone is safe on the road for the festivities,” he added.

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As part of the campaign, BMW Malaysia has released an educational video detailing the how to choose the appropriate child car seat, as well as the proper way to get it set up for your child and installing it in your vehicle.

That’s not all, as the company, with the support of babycare provider Chicco Malaysia, will also gift a child car seat to the first six babies on Father’s Day at Hospital Putrajaya.

While the use of child car seats will only be made mandatory from January 2020 onwards, as announced by transport minister Anthony Loke, that doesn’t mean you should delay getting one for you child as soon as possible.

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Data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicates a child up to four years of age has an 80% lower risk of injury in a rear-facing seat and for children aged five to nine years, child car seats reduce injury by 52%.

“We look forward to the increase in use of child car seats as enforcement comes into effect. However, we want to remind all parents that the use of child car seats can begin now as it is better to start protecting their children sooner than later,” commented Hoelzl.

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