BMW M4 CS could be ditched in favour of new 2022 M4 CSL

An even hotter version of the BMW M4 is on the horizon, with aggressive styling tweaks and more performance; it could be badged M4 CS or even CSL

BMW will soon add another even more aggressive model to its M-car line-up with an ever hotter version of its M4 sports coupe, which could be badged M4 CS or even M4 CSL. 

Either way, the new machine is a track-focussed version of the company’s latest two-door coupe, which will sport a similar range of upgrades to the M5 CS launched at the start of the year.

It’s expected to reach UK showrooms next year, with these latest spy shots giving us a better look at its aggressive race car-inspired makeover. Tweaks include a wider front splitter with dive planes, a more intricate rear diffuser and lower side skirts.

There’s also a larger ducktail mounted to the bootlid and, like the M5 CS, we expect the coupe’s bonnet will be swapped for a carbon fibre-reinforced plastic replacement. Masking on the roof suggests that the panel will also be made from the same lightweight material.

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BMW’s upgrades will be much more than cosmetic, though. From these pictures, we can tell that the company’s engineers have dropped the M4’s ride-height – and we expect this change will be backed-up by some stiffer dampers. Behind the wheels of the prototype, there’s also a fresh set of drilled brakes with larger calipers than the standard M4.

Alongside the suspension and braking upgrades, BMW will work to make its hardcore M4 lighter than the baseline car, with items such as carbon fibre panels, lightweight windows and daintier alloys, potentially matching the 70kg weight reduction seen on the M5 CS. 

This level of weight reduction would be in keeping with the reintroduction of the CSL badge, which was last seen on a special edition version of the E46 M3. Although it’s not yet confirmed if this car will be badged CS or be extreme enough to wear the CSL moniker. 

Back in 2017, the company filed trademark applications for both the M4 CS and M4 CSL nameplates, and with the brand’s new GT3 racer based on its performance coupe, an even more hardcore road car could be needed to homologate this machine.

Inside, the hot new M4 will feature a similarly race-inspired makeover. There’ll be an Alcantara steering wheel, carbon fibre bucket seats and some new seat belts, branded with red and blue stripes, which are the signature colours of BMW’s M Division.

BMW should also upgrade the M4’s infotainment system, swapping the car’s standard 10.25-inch unit for a larger 12.3-inch screen. The M4’s existing 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster will be transferred onto the hotter model, albeit with some new graphics. 

As for power, BMW is all but certain to extract more performance potential from its twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine. Power could rise from 503bhp to around 530bhp, representing a similar performance increase to that of the M5 CS.

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