BMW iX and i7 gain new Max Range mode – up to 25% more range, but 90 km/h limit and no air-conditioning –

As part of a series of model update measures, BMW has announced that all i7 and iX variants will gain a new Max Range function that can be used to increase range by up to 25% when operational in the Efficient mode of BMW’s My Modes system.

The Max Range function originally debuted on the i7 M70 xDrive and was “mainly devised for situations where drivers are unable to recharge mid-journey as originally planned,” the company says in its release. An example of such a situation is when a driver heads to a charging station that ends up being out of service.

By activating the function, the vehicle’s top speed is limited to 90 km/h and certain features such as climate control, seat heating and steering wheel heating are disabled. This reduces electric power consumption, which can be used to increase range by a comfortable margin for the journey to an alternative charging point.

In terms of rollout, the Max Range function will be made available via remote software upgrade for all i7 models manufactured since July 2022 and all iX models built since March 2023. BMW also noted that the iX will gain the same upgraded charging software already used in the i7.

Another feature that will be added to the i7 and iX is Multi-Contract Plug & Charge, which enables automatic vehicle authentication at public charging points that does away with the need for a charging card or app. Customers will be able to store their individual vehicle electricity contracts from multiple suppliers in digital form in their car, allowing them to use the charging points of these operators with ease.

Additionally, the BMW Maps navigation system will offer improved functions for calculating a charging-optimised route in i7, iX, i4 and iX1. With the update, driver’s can set their preferred minimum charge level for when the vehicle reaches mid-journey stops and the final destination can now be adjusted in increments of 5% and incorporated into the route planning.

In the future, the system will also be able to give preference to charging stations operated by selected providers and exclude others from the route planning. More detailed information on selected charging stations, including availability at that moment in time, the connector types supported and payment options, plus the presence of sanitary facilities, food outlets or playgrounds in their vicinity can also be obtained through the system.

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