Best Transportation Trials BYD Electric Truck On East Coast

Best Transportation knows that the best transportation is by using zero-emission vehicles

Best Transportation pioneers electric vehicles on the East Coast, becoming the first trucking company to move a container from the Port of New York & New Jersey using an electric vehicle.

The first transport was performed on July 19 by picking up a container in Maher Terminal, headquartered in the Port Newark and delivering the container to a Costco Wholesale location within New Jersey.

Tom Heimgartner, President of Best Transportation said:

“Best Transportation is proud to be the first trucker to move a container through the Port of New York & New Jersey and deliver to a customer, with a zero-emissions vehicle. We made history today. These are exciting times for our company; we are investing in the future. Not just the future of Best Transportation, but the future of our customers, the consumer and the Port of New York and New Jersey. This is just the first step in our zero-emission vehicle program. We are making every effort to reduce the carbon footprint of our company and our customers’ supply chain. The future is here and it is at Best Transportation,” he continued.

Best Transportation starts its EV adventure with a BYD electric truck and plans to gradually expand electric vehicles in its fleet. The next step will be four electric yard hostlers for use inside the port.

“It is still early on in the development of electric powered class 8 heavy duty over the road tractor trailers. Unlike passenger vehicles which have become viable and popular, large trucks do not yet have the range or the amount of horse power and torque required to move heavy loads. Best Transportation is purchasing and testing electronic vehicles (EVs) in order to stay ahead of the learning curve and be ready when the next generation becomes available.”

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