Bentley Continental GT3’s Steering Wheel Is Ready For Your Gaming Rig

From Pikes Peak down to your game room.

Bentley is quite ready for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb this weekend and it already provided some details about its contender, the Continental GT3. What we didn’t know, however, is that it carries an integral part that’s developed by a leading gaming hardware developer.

We’re talking about its steering wheel, developed in collaboration with Fanatec, a world leader when it comes to gaming rigs. Designed specifically for the Bentley Continental GT3 Pikes Peak challenge car, yes, it’s available as an accessory for gamers to buy, giving them a taste of what it’s like to drive a Pikes Peak challenge car.

Gallery: Bentley Continental GT3 Pikes Peak Steering Wheel

The Fanatec steering wheel is carefully crafted from lightweight carbon fiber and magnesium alloy, and equipped with a bevy of driving functions. A circular digital display resides at the center, which offers the driver vital telemetry and information about their performance.

The exclusive Bentley design found on the steering wheel is the signature knurling on the rotary encoders. It also has a forged carbon display bezel, two 7-way FunkySwitch directional sticks with encoder functionality, a pair of aluminum thumb wheels with optical encoders, and four magnetic paddles. The paddles are for gear-shifting and auxiliaries, based on the design of the Continental GT road car.

Speaking of the car, the Continental GT3 Pikes Peak challenger is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that runs on renewable fuel. It develops up to over 750 horsepower (559 kilowatts) and 738 pound-feet (1,000 Newton-meters) of torque at the reveal, and but Bentley said that it will be even higher for the hill climb.

The goal, of course, is to set the Time Attack 1 class record, which can be done by covering the course in less than 9 minutes and 36 seconds.



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