Aston Martin Valkyrie With Crazy Aero Bits Discovered Online

This looks ready to hit the track.

It looks like there’s a new Aston Martin Valkyrie on the horizon. A tipster sent Jalopnik a screenshot of an Aston Martin webpage that reveals a never-before-seen Valkyrie variant underneath a “Confidential” banner. It appears Aston left the future Valkyrie model accessible to the public through the not-so-private “Private Area” URL. The screenshot shows a modified Valkyrie with meaner aero bits we’ve never seen it wearing before.

An unidentified source told Jalopnik that this new Valkyrie variant would break cover later this year. The publication reached out to Aston for comment about the car, though it received the standard response that the company doesn’t speculate about future products. That’s your typical tight-lipped Aston. The URL no longer works, either. The wild Valkyrie looks like it has a shorter hood area leading up to the windshield. This, along with the larger fender cutouts, creates the illusion of taller fenders.

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The front wears a new splitter that has a narrower set of attachment points sticking down from the Valkyrie’s leading edge. It has a unique shape that’s mimicked at the rear, where the hypercar wears a wild wing. It flows like a pair of wings out from the central mounting stalks, dipping down around the fender toward the ground for a dramatic appearance. The windshield also looks taller, though that’s likely a result of the lowered front-end design.

We’ve been waiting a long time for the Valkyrie to become a reality. Aston first revealed it back in 2017, and deliveries should be beginning around now if the company has kept to the timeline it gave back in February. The new Valkyrie even looks different from the hotter AMR Pro variant, sporting numerous design changes that make it far more aggressive than any Valkyrie we’ve seen before. We’ll hopefully know more about the mysterious hypercar before 2022 arrives.



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