Aston Martin DBX Caught Inside And Out While Towing

It may look like a small trailer, but it’s actually a dynamometer.

Prepare to cross off another automaker from the list of marques with SUV-free portfolios as Aston Martin will unveil the production-ready DBX in the months to come. It has been caught on camera by our spies once again, but this fresh batch of images is a bit more interesting as it shows a prototype carrying what looks like a trailer.

However, the sides of the red box have the “Taylor Dynamometer” lettering, which is a Milwaukee-based company offering engine and chassis dynos, along with towing dynamometers like the one the DBX was hauling around. It means Aston Martin was evaluating the engine and a variety of parameters, such as the amount of power delivered to the wheels. The SUV was likely rocking AMG’s twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, probably with somewhere in the region of 500 hp as seen in the DB11.

Should that not be enough, Aston Martin’s own V12 will find its way inside the engine bay later during the DBX’s life cycle. A hybrid version with a generous amount of torque in the low-end rpm range is also on the cards, but that one too is expected to arrive further down the line to nicely blend efficiency with performance.

There’s more to these spy shots than the dynamometer as a peek through the rear windows reveals the SUV has a roll cage and what looks to be some extra hardware on the rear seats to simulate the added weight of the rear passengers. The DBX looks a bit weird because it lacks some of the production bits, with examples being the final taillights and the flush rear door handles.

The Aston Martin Of SUVs Is Inching Closer:

It’s a similar story on the inside where the cabin is far from being what you’ll find on a customer-spec DBX. Nevertheless, it’s easy to notice the Mercedes switchgear all over the cabin, which isn’t all that surprising since the DB11 also has a lot of goodies from Daimler. Those body-hugging racing front seats are unlikely to be found on a production model, unless Aston Martin plans to come out with a track-focused AMR version.

We might get to see the DBX in full at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. However, Aston Martin could wait for the Los Angeles Auto Show in the second half of November.

Photos: CarPix

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