ASEAN NCAP: 2020 MG ZS receives five-star rating –

The Asean New Car Assessment Programme (Asean NCAP) results are in for the 2020 MG ZS sports utility vehicle, which has scored five stars in both adult occupant protection (AOP) and child occupant protection (COP). Points weighting here, as before, are 50%, 25% and 25% for AOP, COP and safety assist systems respectively, in which the 2020 MG ZS scored 44.82 points, 20.90 points and 15.28 points.

The variant of the MG ZS tested here originates from Thailand, and is sold in the Thailand and Vietnam markets. This model ‘performed well’, said Asean NCAP, with a minimum of two airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and a seatbelt reminder system for the two markets it is sold in.

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Adult occupant protection in the frontal impact test was deemed good, with ‘adequate’ ratings for the passenger leg and chest while the driver position received a ‘marginal’ rating for chest protection. For the side impact test, a ‘good’ rating was received. Total scores for AOP were 14.27 for frontal impact, 16.00 for side impact and 2.00 for head protection technology (HPT) for a total of 32.27.

The MG ZS also scored well for child occupant protection, attaining 22.00 points in dynamic testing, 9.00 points in vehicle-based assessment and 9.96 points for installation, coming up to 40.96 for the SUV’s COP tally.

Here in the 2020 MG ZS, the dynamic test assessment for child occupant protection was conducted for 18-month and three-year old child occupants; the restraint used for the 18-month old representation was the rearward-facing Britax Baby Safe Plus Isofix installed via Isofix and support leg method, while the one for the three-year-old child representation was the forward-facing Britax Duo Plus, via Isofix and top tether.

Dynamic testing for child occupant protection saw the MG ZS score 8.00 points and 4.00 points for frontal and side impact tests respectively for a 12.00-point total for the 18-month-old occupant, along with 6.00 points and 4.00 points in the respective tests totalling 10 points for the three-year-old occupant.

Tested for the SUV category, the 2020 MG ZS scored 81.00 points overall, which makes its eligible for a five-star Asean NCAP rating. Prior to this internal combustion-engined model, the battery-electric version of the MG ZS made its debut in June 2019, priced at 1.19 million baht (RM160,384) at launch.

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