‘Annoying’ neighbours hogging street parking sparks driver debate

One user on Mumsnet took to the forum to question whether they were being unreasonable in regard to their neighbour’s parking. They claimed the neighbours park right on the corner because it means their car is in full view of their CCTV cameras.

If they moved further forward, the Mumsnet writer said they would be able to park their car in front of the house, allowing them to get a better view of their car at all times.

Because the neighbour parks on the corner, there is not enough space for both cars to fit on the street.

As a result, they have to park their own car on the next street because the road is “very bad for parking”.

They added: “I often have to struggle back with toddler darling daughter and shopping bags!

“Am I being unreasonable to be annoyed by my neighbour’s parking?”

They added that the other next-door neighbour’s car is often parked on the street as well, narrowing their choices of where to park.

The driver continued, saying: “There is enough room for three cars to park sensibly. 

“If the neighbour with CCTV parked further forward I would have enough room to park there too.

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“There is often a gap between their car and my other neighbours but because their car is parked to be in view of CCTV the gap isn’t big enough for me.”

The post garnered differing views, with many asking whether they had asked the neighbour to move their car or even change the position of their cameras.

One commenter called the situation “bizarre”, saying that the neighbours would only need to have a piece of the car in the view of the camera.

They added that if they were worried about thieves stealing their catalytic converter, they could change the angle of the camera.

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Many suggested that the driver park in “their spot” to see if they react and get them to change their attitude.

If a driver is concerned about having their catalytic converter stolen, experts generally advise them to ask their car dealer for advice on the best way to protect the vehicle.

This will usually include locks or guards that make it more difficult for thieves to steal the converter.

Alternatively, drivers can make sure the vehicle is parked in a garage overnight, or if they have a commercial vehicle, they should park it in a secure compound.

While the neighbours do have CCTV cameras, it should also be kept in well-lit and overlooked areas to further deter criminals.

Another motorist responded to the frustrated driver, saying they lived on a similar street where parking wars can rage for some time.

However, they said most neighbours now parallel park so everyone can fit in, without any quarrels.

They added: “Of course sometimes a spanner is thrown in the works but it is no big deal, we just park elsewhere. But regular inconsiderate parking is annoying.”

Another driver simply said that it sounded annoying, but “unfortunately they’re free to park where they want”.

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