An English Tuner Has Boosted the New Porsche 911 Carrera S to a Claimed 572 HP

Purists may have balked when Porsche switched from naturally aspirated to turbocharged flat-sixes in the 911 Carrera, but tuners likely didn’t. The gains made by English tuner Litchfield with the new 992-generation Porsche 911 Carrera S show the tuning potential that comes with going turbo. Litchfield claims that with an ECU remap, it was able to boost the 3.0-liter flat-six in the 992 Carrera S from 444 horsepower to 572 horsepower.

Yes, that’s nearly as much power as the outgoing 911 Turbo S. The tuner—best known for mega-powerful Nissan GT-Rs—says torque rises from 390 to 480 lb-ft, too. No hardware changes need to be made to achieve these gains, and Litchfield says smoothness and drivability haven’t been impacted.

Amazingly, the folks at Litchfield say they can get the same power and torque figures out of a base 992 Carrera. The engine in that car is broadly similar to the one in the 992 Carrera S, but it’s worth noting that the Carrera uses smaller turbine and compressor wheels in its turbochargers, and runs lower boost pressure. We’ve reached out to Litchfield to see if these hardware differences will impact the tuning potential of the 992 Carrera. The shop is also developing new exhaust systems with Remus and Akrapovic for the 992, which should help boost power even further.

The price for all this is £1194.00 including tax, which at the time of writing, is equivalent to $1467. Unfortunately, this isn’t available for those in the US, since the tune requires bringing the car to Litchfield’s facility. Still, it gets us excited to see what other tuners can do with the new 911.

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