AEONrv Motorhome Debuts With Big Power, Storage, And Tanks

The motorhome itself is built upon the all-wheel-drive Ford Transit chassis cab, but with single rear wheels instead of dual ones like the Ekko. Also unlike the Ekko, the AEONrv is lifted 2.0 inches and fitted with an upgraded suspension at both ends, skid plates, and off-road wheels with BF-Goodrich all-terrain tires. It’s ready for some serious off-roading, and a winch is optional. 

From what we could see of its construction, the AEONrv can take on colder climates too. The walls and doors are thick with insulation and the windows are efficient dual-pane acrylics. 

The layout inside is also unique, with a tall refrigerator located behind the driver and facing the side door as you walk in. Immediately behind the passenger is the wet bath, which appears to expand in front of the side door for more room when in use. Behind the refrigerator is a dinette for two that’s across the aisle from the kitchen, which features a decently sized sink, counter-top electric two-burner range, and optional microwave hidden in the upper cabinets. After some more storage and a few steps, you reach the bed, which is positioned sideways across the back of the RV.

The AEONrv’s storage capabilities are impressive and include a massive 66-gallon fresh water tank, 28-gallon grey water tank, and 8-gallon hot water heater. And like the Ekko, it has a massive 65 cubic-foot garage space below the bed that’s accessible from the outside. 

The price for all this awesomeness starts at $194,500 not including options, taxes, and fees. And there are lots of options, including a composting toilet instead of the standard 4.75-gallon cassette toilet (+$500), onboard air-compressor ($500), and any color other than white (est. $2,000+). 

The AEONrv looks promising, and it’s priced right between the Ekko ($163,662) and B-Box (built-to-suit starting from $300,000).

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