Adventure Wagon Uses Modular Components To Build Custom Camper Vans

There is a wide range of camper van options available today to customers. You can buy pre-built products ready for adventure or build your own from the ground up. Adventure Wagon occupies a space between those extremes by using modular components to build custom camper vans.

Adventure Wagon’s Modular Interior System uses an A-frame foundation for its Logistical Track system that holds its products. The company offers the L-Track in bare aluminum or black anodized finish, and the entire system comes with a plug-and-play electrical system that offers 12-volt and USB ports. Adventure Wagon can install the track in the Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford Transit.

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The company breaks down its products into three categories: sleep, storage, and accessories. The centerpiece of its sleep system is the MOAB Elevated Bed, nicknamed the Mother Of All Beds. It can adjust its height up and down in the van to accommodate gear underneath it. Adventure Wagon also offers the Monk Bed, a sleeping solution for solo travelers.

The king of its storage system is the 175-liter Mule Bag, a soft storage locker that mounts to the Logistical Track system where the ceiling meets the wall. They’re designed to hold and store gear out of the way and off the floor. The company also offers smaller, 90-liter Mule Bags.

Adventure Wagon offers its van panels in various colors and materials, including bamboo, but the marine grade plywood is quite popular. Adventure Wagon also offers accessories such as various-sized Dometic fridges, a van feather, foldable mattresses, storage shelves, and more that work with its Modular Interior System.

Adventure Wagon isn’t the only company that offers modular solutions for camper vans, with Titan Vans, ModVans, and more offering similar products. Modular systems provide flexibility for customers. Homes are highly personal places, and camper vans, motorhomes, and travel trailers are the same, with customers wanting to customize them to their specific needs. 

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