‘Absolute shambles’: Furious drivers hit with parking fines despite having permit

Birmingham resident helps NHS staff with parking charges

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Residents in Perry Barr in Birmingham have complained after they received parking tickets despite having parking permits. They live near the Alexander Stadium, which will host the opening and closing ceremonies and the athletics events at this year’s Commonwealth Games.

The drivers were told they could continue to park on their street provided they had a parking permit.

Despite this, many were shocked to find parking fines on their car windshields, many placed next to their permits.

Writing on social media, locals said it had occurred during the dress rehearsals of the opening ceremony at the Stadium.

Perry Barr ward councillors, after claiming to hold meetings with senior managers, said tickets will be cancelled after being wrongfully issued. 

However some drivers will still need to appeal the fines.

One resident, Tash Patel, said they had heard complaints from a number of residents in the area.

The 53-year-old added: “There is so much confusion as people are getting ticketed even with parking permits, this is making everyone very nervous for the games.

“Cliveden Avenue is fine as it is a very wide road however the small roads like Derrydown Road or Rocky Lane have had tickets everywhere. 

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“It’s an absolute shambles. We have not had any updated information come through,” Birmingham Live reported.

The resident added that after the first dress rehearsal on July 25, at least half a dozen tickets were given out the next morning.

They claimed residents received a letter about permits more than two weeks ago.

But applications could only be done online, meaning some elderly residents who were not “tech-savvy” may have struggled.

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Tash Patel added: “We are dreading the Games.”

Morriam Jan and Jon Hunt, both councillors for the Perry Barr ward, held an emergency meeting with Transport for West Midlands and a member of the traffic warden department.

They reported that traffic wardens would be patrolling before and after the Games, adding that residents who get tickets will have them cancelled.

They added: “You may need to appeal but, we are promised, the appeal will be dealt with swiftly. 

“Traffic wardens have been advised to be sensitive with residents and not just to slap tickets on vehicles.

“Traffic wardens will be available when vehicles block access and cause problems in roads outside the restricted zones and tow trucks may be used if the blockage is causing problems.”

They said this was the first time they had received a “straight answer” on the situation.

Residents have also been told to expect “a great deal of pressure” from spectators watching the athletics at the Alexander Stadium.

A spokesperson for Birmingham City Council said: “We apologise for the confusion regarding the restrictions on Rocky Lane which resulted in some residents displaying permits being issued penalty charge notices in the past couple of days.

“Signage on the road was conflicting and arrangements are being made to ensure this is correct. The most up to date information on local road restrictions can be found here.

“TfWM has advised parking enforcement not to issue any PCNs on Rocky Lane for those with permits while signage is being updated. Any that have been issued with PCNs incorrectly can appeal against them and the PCN will not be progressed.”

Express.co.uk have contacted Birmingham City Council for further comment.

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