ABCs Of EVs: M for Mennekes

It’s a charging connector used in Europe.

I don’t know about you, but I was calling my vacuum cleaner the hoover for years before someone told me that Hoover was actually a brand name! Sometimes these names just slip into our way of thinking without even realizing it. 

In the EV world, one such name is MENNEKES. We’ve all heard (at least in Europe) a reference to a MENNEKES connector. But it’s actually a company that makes all types of electrical equipment. 

MENNEKES…a little history 

Back in 1935, newly appointed master electrician Aloys MENNEKES set up an electrician’s workshop out of the family home in the small German town of Kirchhundem. Things went well, and in the 40s, they turned their hand to making electrical plugs for various applications. The company did well and expanded to about 250 employees by the mid-70s. 

But we’re here to find out about EVs so let’s skip forward to 2008 when MENNEKES moved full force into the electromobility business. They already had experience with 3-phase connectors and adapted a plug into what is now known as the MENNEKES Type 2. And thus MENNEKES installed their brand name into the hearts and minds of all us EV lovers!

Watch the video for more on MENNEKES. 

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