500,000th Nissan LEAF Was Produced In Sunderland, UK

The plant so far produced more than 175,000 LEAFs since 2013.

Nissan officially announced the production and delivery of the 500,000th Nissan LEAF, which happened earlier this month in Norway.

The jubilee LEAF was produced in Sunderland, UK, which already made more than 175,000 LEAFs since 2013. The Japanese flagship has been produced in 2010 in Japan and since 2012/2013 also in the U.S. Soon, the LEAF will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

When launched, LEAF was a breakthrough mainstream electric car, winning:

The cumulative distance covered by the LEAFs is over 14.8 billion km (92 billion miles), according to Nissan estimations using available Carwings data.

In Europe, LEAF is available with two battery options:

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The 500,000th LEAF owner, Maria Jansen, in Norway, said:

“My husband and I chose to buy a Nissan LEAF back in 2018, and we loved it,” Jansen said. “We’re very excited to become the proud owners of the 500,000th Nissan LEAF. This car really meets our needs with extended range and enhanced technologies.”

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