2023 Perodua Axia 1.0L D-CVT full review – hugely improved but not perfect; we detail the good, the bad – paultan.org

Perhaps not to the degree of this weekend’s Premier League fixtures (my commiserations to United fans), but the new Perodua Axia is surprising car, a huge departure from the previous model. The surprises come in many boxes too – exterior design, nice cabin and a much better drive. And yes, price – “Malaysia’s cheapest car” now starts at the high thirties and tops out at nearly RM50k.

In this full video review, Hafriz Shah takes you thorough the new Axia, pointing out the good and the bad of P2’s latest model. There’s plenty of good – and some aspects have seen night and day improvement – but it’s not the perfect budget car, as you’ll find out. Both our jaws dropped at the media preview, but with more seat time, this is a more balanced assessment.

Personally, I understand some of the decisions that P2 made. Indonesia’s new 1.2L engine would have made the gap between this and the Myvi, which is closer now, to uncomfortable levels – as things stand with the carryover 1.0L, we’re already putting both names in the same sentence, and there are murmurs about the higher RRP. By the way, our neighbours have scale for the 1.2L as it’s the LCGC default engine (also used in the Raize/Rocky), and the Rawang-made Sirion (Myvi) is an inconsequential niche product there.

But now I know that I can’t just swap my Ativa to the Axia and pocket the difference without any penalty, despite the early thoughts. Overall, the new Axia is a much improved car, and some aspects such as the stunning FC, shared DNGA cabin content and better performance with just a gearbox change are things that will delight owners daily.

We’ve covered the new Axia extensively since launch, so you can also check out our launch report, spec-by-spec comparison, downpayment/instalment schedule, maintenance schedule and cost, and size comparison post. Also, we have a fresh and full gallery of the Axia in two trims below.

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