2023 GWM Ora Good Cat – is it cheaper to run an EV in Malaysia vs a petrol-powered car? We compare costs – paultan.org

Launched in Malaysia last November, the Ora Good Cat from Great Wall Motors is one of the cheapest electric vehicles currently on sale here. If you’re wondering what the Good Cat is like to drive, check out our video review of the EV here.

In this post, we’re discussing if it is actually cheaper to charge an EV versus driving a petrol-powered car. Heading straight into the numbers, the Good Cat has an energy consumption of 15 kWh/100 km, which, when considering the domestic rate of RM0.57/kWh, equates to RM8.55/100 km, or 8.55 sen/km.

Meanwhile, at the current subsidised RON 95 price of RM2.05/litre and assuming a petrol-powered car has an average fuel consumption of 15 km/litre, you’re looking at a cost of 13.67 sen/litre. Over 24,000 km in a year (averaging 2,000 km a month), the cost of charging an EV would be RM2,052 compared to the internal combustion engine car that carries a bill of RM3,280.

The costs do add up over a year, and this is before taking into account the scenario should fuel subsidies end, which could see RON 95 prices go up to RM3/litre, bringing up the annual fuel cost to RM4,800.

Of course, this comparison is based on current conditions and can be dependent on a person’s driving style and other factors that may change in the future. For now, what are your thoughts on the matter? Is it worthwhile to make the switch to an EV now?

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