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Chinese dashcam maker Viofo has launched a new dashcam for 2022 called the A229 Duo. The A229 Duo is a dual channel dashcam with 2K (1440p) recording for both the front and rear cams.

The rear 1440p cam is the highest resolution for a rear cam in the Viofo range. It’s stablemates all use 1080p rear cams including the flagship A129 Pro Duo that has a 4K resolution front cam.

The Viofo A229 Duo’s front and rear cameras both use Sony Starvis IMX335 5 megapixel sensors. The front cam has a 140 degree field of view while the rear has a 160 degree field of view. The rear cam has 360 degree rotation so you can use it to point to the interior of the car if you want.

You can either record in 2560x1440p or 1920x1080p for both the front and rear cams, but both resolution choices are offered with 30fps framerate – there’s no 60fps to be gained here even if you drop the reso.

The connection between the front and rear portion now uses a slimmer coaxial cable for easier installation instead of a MicroUSB cable.

The A229 now uses a USB-C port for power, so you won’t be able to reuse a hardwire kit from previous Viofo dashcams. Backup power to ensure uncorrupted video files uses a supercapacitor instead of a li ion battery for better durability in hot weather.

The Viofo A229 Duo supports up to a 256 GB MicroSD card. Remember to use an endurance MicroSD card for your dashcams for better reliability. Finally, the A229 Duo supports 5GHz WiFi for faster file transfers when connected to your smartphone via the app.

You can get the Viofo A229 Duo from RM899 as a standalone dashcam without any add-ons. From there, you can add on various options such as the HK4 hardwire kit, a CPL filter, and a bluetooth record button that you can use to manually start recording clips.

LINK: Viofo A229 Duo – from RM899

We are of the opinion that dashcams have to be a standard feature on every car these days, as they can provide invaluable evidence to protect ourselves in case of anything.

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