2022 MSF Touge Hillclimb Bukit Putus flags off Sunday – paultan.org

After a two-year postponement, the much anticipated 2022 MSF Touge Hillclimb happens this Sunday weekend at Bukit Putus, Negeri Sembilan. Located just outside of Seremban, the three kilometre long Bukit Putus road will play host to fans of auto hillclimb competitions in Malaysia.

Practice sessions start at 10:15 a.m. with timed sessions taking place after lunch at 2:00 p.m. The Service Park will be at StarFresh Agro Park located at the entry to Bukit Putus, and spectators may park there to watch the start line.

Auto hillclimbs are a form of motorsports run on public roads, where competitors endeavour to get to the top of the hill using in the fastest time possible. For this year, the MSF Touge Hillclimb heralds a re-emergence of hillclimb competitions that used to be popular in decades past but fell out of favour due to tightening safety regulations.

The event has been much discussed on local social media, with many driving and racing enthusiasts inspired to participate due to the popularity of ‘Touge’ culture. Touge, a Japanese word meaning “mountain pass” and showcased in the anime and manga series “Initial D”, references cars racing up and down hills and mountains along public roads in the late hours.

“A lot of excitement is being generated by this event on social media, and we’re looking forward to some pretty spectacular and legendary ‘underground’ cars and drivers running up the course,” said MSF principal Adian Yen. “We’re breaking new ground with this event, our primary concern is for the safety of both drivers and spectators as we do want to prove that such an event can be run safely. The aim is to turn this into a recurring event, maybe 2-3 times a year,” Adian elaborated.

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