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The is likely to be the production version of the 2022 Honda Civic, the sedan version of the 11th generation. Published on the Civic11Forum, this white example wears China market badges, including a “240 Turbo” one, which is used to denote the 1.5L VTEC Turbo engine with 240 Nm of torque.

Seen it before? The car you see here matches the pearl red “Honda Civic Prototype” that was revealed in November 2020. Virtually identical, except for the addition of front foglamps and what appears to be hidden tailpipes. The current Civic FC also has hidden pipes, but the 11th-gen prototype had oval tips at each end.

There’s a bit of an Accord feel to this new Civic, and the notch at the lower window line near the C pillars – seen on the D-segment sedan and Civic Proto – has been retained. There’s also a sloping roofline, continuing the trend started by the mould-breaking FC.

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Speaking of the current car, its distinctive “ketam” tail lamps (reminds some of prawn noodle stalls as well) are gone – the 11th gen rear is more conventional. The front and rear LED signatures are inverted Ls.

We don’t have interior shots of the production car here, but seeing how closely it follows the prototype (full gallery below), we can expect the proto’s wide, horizontal dashboard to be carried over to the showroom. Like the Accord, there’s a floating screen and a three-button AC panel, but the AC vent strip is more stylish here.

So, which do you prefer in terms of design – this or the current Civic FC?

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