2022 Honda BR-V scores 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating – paultan.org

The ASEAN New Car Assessment Programme (ASEAN NCAP) has awarded the 2022 Honda BR-V a five-star rating, with an overall score of 77.02 points.

Assessed under the 2021-2025 ASEAN NCAP protocol which adds assessment of driver assistance systems, this consists of four categories – adult occupant protection (AOP), child occupant protection (COP), safety assist (SA) and motorcyclist safety (MS). Prior to the 2022 BR-V’s assessment, Honda achieved a five-star ASEAN NCAP rating for the 2022 Civic.

For this assessment, the variant tested is the BR-V Prestige with Honda Sensing produced in Indonesia for the Indonesian market, and this is also applicable to the Thailand and Philippines markets. Safety equipment on the 2022 BR-V includes ESC ABS and seat belt reminders for both front occupants across all variants.

Meanwhile, features offered as either standard or optional equipment include autonomous emergency braking (AEB) City, AEB Inter-Urban, AEB Pedestrian, AEB for Motorcycle, auto high beam (AHB), child presense detection (CPD), forward collision warning, lane departure warning, lane keep assist and blind spot visualisation, ASEAN NCAP reported.

The 2022 BR-V scored 26.98 out of a possible 32.00 points in the AOP category, and 44.53 points from a possible 51.00 points in the COP category.

“We are proud that Honda has also installed Child Presence Detection technology in the BR-V either as standard or optional fitment. By having this special technology, we are able to prevent incidences where children were accidentally left in the vehicles and consequently avert unavoidable death,” said ASEAN NCAP secretary-general Datuk Khairil Anway Abu Kassim, who is also director-general of Miros (Malaysian Institute of road safety research).

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