2022 Audi A8 Rendered To Imagine Look Of Upcoming Refresh

There are tweaked headlights, different grille mesh, and a redesigned lower fascia.

Recent spy shots showed a refreshed Audi A8 testing in Germany, and now Motor.es has a rendering imagining how the German brand’s upgraded flagship sedan looks when the camouflage comes off. This is hardly a design overhaul but does enough to distinguish the updated model visually.

The comparison below shows that the biggest changes are for the front fascia of the A8. Rather than extending the lower crosspieces into the corner inlets, the new design has a more distinct difference by creating a section out of a contrasting shade of metal.

The grille is also different. Rather than having an array of horizontal sections, there’s an eggcrate-style design. Spy shots also show an alternate version of the mesh with a more jagged look on one of the development cars.

The revised headlights gain a new section along the lower outside section of the body. On the current A8, the lamps have a flat lower edge.

While this rendering only shows the front, the spy shots reveal that the shape of the taillights remains the same, but there’s a different design for the lamps inside of them. The company camouflages the bumper so well that it’s not possible to see exactly what is changing. Covering up this area is enough to hint that there are some alterations.

Tech upgrades for the A8 seem likely because Audi has been developing improved assisted driving features. The Four Rings originally intended to offer the luxury sedan with Level 3 self-driving capability that would allow for hands-free motoring. However, the lack of government regulation and legal liability fears caused the company to abandon the plan.

Rumors also point to Audi introducing the ultra-luxurious Horch variant of the A8 around the same time as the model’s mid-cycle refresh. It’s supposed to challenge Mercedes’ Maybach models but presumably wouldn’t be so opulent as to steal sales from the Bentley Flying Spur since both are under the VW Group umbrella.



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