2021 VW ID.4 Debuts Today: See The Livestream Right Here

The livestream will start at 11 AM EDT / 3 PM GMT.

It was a little over a year ago when Volkswagen unveiled its first purpose-built EV production model, the ID.3. Fast forward 12 months later, the folks from Wolfsburg are getting ready to roll out the second zero-emissions model riding on the MEB platform with the ID.4. In some ways, it’s a bigger deal for the VW Group since it will be a truly global model by being offered in the United States as opposed to the ID.3 hatchback.

Then there’s the shape it will take – an SUV – thus allowing the German brand to capitalize on the insatiable thirst customers continue to have for these high-riding vehicles. You can tell the ID.4 is of utmost importance for VW by revisiting the extended teaser campaign the model has benefited from, a campaign which technically kicked off back in April 2017 with the ID Crozz concept. The road-going model is finally here to take on the Tesla Model Y while offering three years of free charging in the US thanks to a tie-up between VW and Electrify America.

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Set to be built in Zwickau and Saxony in Germany, Anting and Foshan in China, and in Chattanooga (US), the ID.4 will be a swoopy SUV with an impressively low drag coefficient of 0.28. In terms of design, VW has revealed nearly everything there is to see, including the straightforward interior taking the same “less is more” approach as the aforementioned ID.3.

Being developed from the ground up as an EV, it means the ID.4 offers a lot of room inside the cabin, comparable to an SUV from a segment above, especially when it comes to rear legroom. The cargo capacity will also be great, with 543 liters behind the rear seats.

Gallery: 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 teaser images

The ID.4 will have some of the most sophisticated lighting systems installed by the company, including matrix LED headlights and swanky “3D” taillights debuting on a VW model. While these features are nice to have, most people will be primarily interested in the maximum range available between charges. The magic number is up to 520 kilometers (323 miles) in the WLTP cycle provided the electric SUV is equipped with the large 77-kWh battery pack.

VW has engineered the long-awaited electric SUV to support fast-charging at up to 125 kW. Feeding the battery with electricity for about 30 minutes at this charging power will offer 320 kilometers (199 miles), so range anxiety within the city won’t be a concern at all.

Initially, the VW ID.4 will be available only with a rear-wheel-drive layout, with the AWD variant to arrive at a later date. While VW pushed back the launch of the ID.3 until earlier this month due to a software glitch, the company promises a trouble-free rollout of the ID.4 starting with late 2020.

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