2021 Ford F-150 Spied On Video Under Heavy Camouflage

Don’t worry, it still looks like a truck.

New video of the next-generation Ford F-150, likely to debut as a 2021 model year vehicle, is starting to raise more questions than it is offering answers. But what should we expect from a heavily camouflaged prototype, right? Video of the F-150 likely performing high-altitude testing in the Colorado Rockies comes from TFLNow with plenty of speculation, too.

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What we see is a SuperCab F-150 wearing heavy camouflage. It appears the F-150 retains the truck’s basic shape – there aren’t too many ways to slice a pickup truck, so this isn’t a surprise. However, we can’t tell how much the design will change compared to the current model. The camouflage makes it difficult to discern specific styling details. However, we can see additional camouflage atop the side mirrors and the strange spoiler seen on an earlier test mule returns. We’re still uncertain if it’s a testing tool or a spoiler to improve fuel efficiency.

In the video, the two TFLTruck hosts speculate about the front-window kink that’s become a staple of the F-150’s design. They say it’s gone; however, spy photos from last month make it appear the window kink will return. At the rear is a single exhaust pipe, leading the two to believe there’s an EcoBoost engine under the hood. Then again, there is a hybrid powertrain in the works, too, along with an all-electric model.

The F-150 is an essential model in Ford’s portfolio, being a cash-cow for the automaker while leading in sales year after year. Ford will likely aim for both the Chevy Silverado and Ram 1500, which both recently released updated models. That means there could be a massive upgrade inside as Ford takes aim at Ram’s plush interiors, including Ram’s massive 12.0-inch infotainment display.

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