2021 Ford Bronco Owner Suffers Early Wear Straight Through Soft Top

He’s only had it for four weeks and already having problems with the roof.

The Ford Bronco’s rollout has been less than ideal what with the multiple delays pushing back the launch of the hotly anticipated Jeep Wrangler competitor. Not only that, but its first weeks on the market have been plagued with issues some of the early adopters have reported, primarily related to both the hard and soft tops.

Speaking of which, the owner of a Badlands he’s only had for four weeks headed to the Bronco6G forums to express his grief regarding the fabric roof already showing signs of wear on the driver’s side. He’ll be at a Ford dealer later today to try and get an explanation for why there’s early wear straight through the soft top, which appears to be starting on the passenger side as well.

Based on his preliminary investigation, the issue stems from the soft top not folding properly as it might be rubbing against a piece of plastic while it’s down. He noticed the roof folded differently on separate occasions, which means there might be an issue with the mechanism since it’s unable to fold the soft top tightly every time.

On a related note, the folks over at TFLtruck are also having a roof-related issue with their brand-new $63,000 Bronco equipped with the optional molded-in-color (MIC) hardtop. It’s rattling even when the vehicle is barely moving and the problem gets worse on an uneven road surface. It should be noted the roof was never removed from this car and yet it was already making weird noises and the headliner was showing minor signs of wear.

The rattling disappeared when the two front panels were removed and it was less obvious when TFLtruck put them back, but the issue was still there. They also reported some unpleasant noises coming from the rear top panel, so it would appear the Bronco’s roof has been its Achilles’ heel thus far regardless if we’re talking soft or hard top.



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