2019 Michelin Pilot Street 2 tyre launched at Sepang

In the growing small displacement motorcycle and scooter market in South-east Asia, tyre choice is becoming more important as riders become more knowledgeable and demand greater performance for the money they spend. For Michelin, this need is answered with the 2019 Pilot Street 2, replacing the outgoing Pilot Street.

Coming in a new silica blend, Michelin claims the Pilot Street 2 gives better wet weather performance along with longer tyre life, depending on riding conditions and style. The tread pattern on the Pilot Street 2 is derived from Michelin’s experience in MotoGP and closely resembles its rain racing tyre.

Primarily designed for the small motorcycle commuter who does heavy mileage on an annual basis, the Pilot Street 2 is capable of delivering sporting levels of grip when needed. Additionally, this performance edge transfers into the wet says Ross Shields, Michelin’s Asia commercial director, two wheel.

This is obtained from the thread pattern of the Pilot Street 2 which has progressive lateral grooves and smaller centre grooves to clear water from the contact patch. From TUV testing, the Pilot Street 2 is 4.4 seconds faster over a 1.2 km long test track than two of Michelin’s other competitors in this market segment.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 2 comes in sizing suitable for small displacement motorcycles with 17-inch wheels, with front tyre sizes from 60/90-17 to 120/60-17 while rear tyre sizing starts at 70/90-17 all the way up to 150/60-17. For the 70/90-17, 80/90-17, 90/80-17 and 100/80-17, the tyre is bi-directional, with tyre rotation depending on whether it is fitted on the front or rear wheel.

For the scooters, tyre sizes range from fitments for 10-inch wheels, as well as 14-inch and 16-inch wheel sizes, which Michelin says caters for about 85% of motorcycles and scooters in the Asian market. “Pricing for the 2019 Michelin Pilot Sport 2 will be close to the previous Pilot Sport,” said Shields and is expected to be available in Michelin Malaysia dealers by the end of September.

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