1967 Chevy Camaro Barn Find With Big-Block Engine Uncovered in Texas

Greg Cope of Holiday, Texas, has always been a big fan of classic American muscle, and he loves trying to find forgotten gems hidden around the state. Yeah, you would think all the really cool (code for: popular) cars have already been found and scooped up, but the truth is that there are still quite a few classics hidden in barns, buried in garages, or just languishing in fields. These “barn finds” are always cool and we love seeing the cars rescued so they can be put back on the road.

Cope already had a 1968 Camaro he had bought off of the original owner back in 1992, but when he heard about this hidden-away 1967 Camaro he didn’t hesitate to go check it out. The 1967 Camaro had been parked outside from 1974 to 2004, when it was acquired by the second owner in a trade for a diesel Mercedes then stuffed into a barn.

At first, the ’67 appeared to be a big-block car, as it came with a properly date-coded 375 hp 396ci engine said to have been removed from the car, as well as a four-speed trans that was still installed. But Cope knows the drill, so he ran the VIN tag and found the Camaro came from the factory with a straight-six and a three-on-the-tree. It was still a good find, and the price was right, so he rescued the Camaro from barn jail and hauled it home to keep his 1968 Camaro company. As it turns out, the ’68 and the ’67 were both sold new from the same Texas Chevy dealership.

Cope’s original plan was to clean up the ’67 and flip it for a quick profit, but his 13-year-old daughter Kendall said she would love it as her first car—nice to see he’s raising her right. Given that the Camaro isn’t anything rare, the plan is to keep it stock-looking but give it an LS-swap and overdrive trans, along with a Vintage Air kit to tame the Texas heat.

Photos By Greg Cope

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