Vagabund Moto V13 brings 1991 NX650 back to life

Motorcycle builders Vagabund, who hail from Graz, Austria, have breathed new life into a 1991 Honda NX650, one of the original dual-purpose (D-P) bikes before D-P became a stereotype. What makes this NX650 special, which Vagabund dubs the “V13”, is the extensive use of 3D printing to produce the bodywork and fuel tank, eschewing the use of traditional metalworking methods.

3D printing as a fabrication technique was used in the tail piece, air filter cover, indicator light bracket and handlebar switch housings. Custom work by Vagabund also extended to the front rack mounted over the front fender taken from a Husqvarna TC85 motocross bike fitted with a quick release magnetic mounting system that accommodates a small tool bag or a tank for extra fuel.

The fuel tank on the V13 was 3d printed from Polyamid 12, a variant of nylon used as an engineering material. Integrated into the fuel tank’s upper surface is a tiny Motogadget speedometer while the custom seat is clad in Alcantra.

Lighting is done with LEDs, the front headlights being Highsider Satellites while Kellerman units are used for the turn signals and tail light. The exhaust unit comes from Akrapovic, mated to a stainless header and custom-made two into one collector.

The engine was treated to a complete rebuild but the power plant was otherwise left stock, making it road-legal in Austria. The V13 has since been sold by Vagabund but enquiries on custom motorcycle builds are welcomed on its website.

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