Singapore cracks down on motorcycle emissions –

If you’re a motorcycle commuter from Malaysia to Singapore, ensure your ride is in compliance with the island state’s rules and regulations. In a recent enforcement exercise, the Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) issued 66 fines to motorcyclists for various offences.

Of the total, 25 were fined for excessive noise, four for excessive smoke emission and 24 for other misdemeanours such as improper licence plates. Additionally, 13 riders were found riding without a valid motorcycle licence and using a motor vehicle without insurance coverage, as detailed by an NEA media release.

In the release, the three enforcement agencies stated the exercise is part of efforts to remind motorists to adhere to Singapore’s environmental and road safety regulations. All vehicles, including foreign-registered vehicles entering Singapore, must comply with safety and emission requirements.

Beginning April 2023, Singapore will tighten emissions standards for motorcycles, including foreign-owned vehicles, registered before July 2003. Such motorcycles falling under the dateline can continue to be used till Jun 2028, provided they meet the April 2023 emissions standard.

Enforcement will be carried out through random emissions testing for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons at land entry checkpoints to Singapore, as well as during enforcement operations. Malaysian motorists are reminded vehicles that breach the rules may face penalties and be denied entry at the land checkpoints.

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