Scrambler Ducati Club Italia for fight against Covid-19, exclusive to Scuderia Italia members –

For the fight against the Covid-19 global pandemic, which has left much of the European economy affected by lockdowns, Ducati has issued a very exclusive edition of its 2020 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro. Limited for purchase by Scuderia Club Italia members, the Scrambler Ducati Club Italia will have a maximum of 80 units made with a portion of the proceeds donated to the Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna, Italy.

This is because the Scuderia Club, which comprises of vintage/racing car drivers, connoisseurs and enthusiasts, is limited to maximum of 80 members by charter. What this means is even if you want to buy the Scrambler Club Italia new, you can’t, you’ll have to wait till one of the members sells their bike, if ever.

Scuderia Club Italia and Ducati have previously collaborated on a limited edition motorcycle exclusive to club members. This was back in 1995 with the production of 36 Monster 900 Club Italia motorcycles, sought after by collectors today.

The Scrambler Ducati Club Italia comes with several items unique to this edition, including a red leather seat by Poltrona Frau, embroidered with the Club Italia logo. The exclusive seat is complemented by the metallic blue tank with bright red side panels, topped off by the Giugiaro-designed Ducati logo.

Adding to the desirability of the Scrambler Ducati Club Italia is Termignoni exhaust cans in titanium and a fuel tank cap in machined billet aluminium, adorned with the Club Italia logo on the underside. Billet aluminium is also used for the LED indicators, brake and clutch levers, fluid reservoir covers, frame plugs and footpegs.

Club Italia members were recently given an exclusive preview of the Scrambler Ducati Club Italia with several orders being placed for delivery in September 2020. Every Scrambler Ducati Club Italia comes with a a personalised bike cover, a certificate of authenticity and Bell helmet matching the bike.

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