Indonesia pushes electric bike conversion programme –

Traffic in downtown Jakarta, Indonesia.

A programme to convert conventional motorcycles to electric (e-bikes) remains the focus of Indonesia’s Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ministry. Speaking during an electric vehicle parade in Nusa Dua, Bali province, ESDM Minister Arifin Tasrif the conversion program could encourage the growth of new industries in the country, reports Indonesian news agency Antara.

“Indonesia still imports crude oil and fuel because our oil sources are quite old and the production (of the commodity) is declining. But, if we can replace it (fossil fuel) with electricity, it can save the budget,” Arifin said. This is inline with Indonesia’s plan to only allow electric motorcycles to be sold locally from 2040.

The parade held by state-run electricity provider PT PLN (Persero) saw 77 electric vehicles participating, of which 20 were converted motorcycles. PT PLN continues to support massive infrastructure development, including constructing more public electric vehicle charging stations (SPKLUs) as well as general electric vehicle battery exchange stations (SPBKLUs) across Indonesia.

“Currently, we have operated 143 SPKLU units throughout Indonesia. Especially in Bali, we have also readied ultra-fast charging SPKLUs to support the G20 Summit as the delegates will use electric vehicles,” said PT PLN president director Darmawan Prasodjo.

In preparation for the switch from fuel-based to electricity-based vehicles, PT PLN has prepared supporting infrastructure, such as cloud, home-charging, ultra-fast, and fast-charging SPKLUs.

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