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There are really so many ways you can design a motorcycle, at its essence two wheels and an engine. But designer Rashid Tagirov has different ideas with his Dyson concept motorcycle design which translates a household appliance into… something else.

Taking the form of Dyson’s famed vacuum cleaners and fans, Tagirov, an automotive/concept designer based in France, put together an electric hub-motor driven design that combines cylindrical forms and soft edges. This design language pervades Dyson products, which are known for ground breaking product design and shying away from conservative and well-known shapes.

Staring offers a design exercise titled #Motorsketchfight in 2019, Tagirov found himself with time on his hands in 2020 with the worldwide movement restrictions due to the Cover-19 pandemic. With single-sided swingarms at both ends, pivoting centrally where the engine would normally be on a motorcycle, the Dyson concept motorcycle looks a lot like a household appliance enlarged with wheels attached.

Being a concept sketch means the designer’s imagination can take flight and this is shown in the windscreen which features a heads up display (HUD) and resembles one of Dyson’s bladeless fans. At the back where the tailpiece would be is a massive round port that looks like a rocket exhaust nozzle.

Motorcycle design tends to fall into a few specific forms, many following traditional, retro styles which are in vogue of late, or multiple angles and folds, looking like a Transformer. What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions below.

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