Ducati and VW Group to CKD bikes in Argentina – paultan.org

Scrambler Ducati Icon customised with the colours of the Argentinian flag

An agreement has been reached between Ducati and Volkswagen Group Argentina for CKD assembly of Ducati motorcycles. CKD production at Volkswagen’s plant at the Córdoba Industrial Center, a manufacturing, agricultural and logistics hub in central Argentina, beginning end-2022 for local distribution.

This will make Ducati’s assembly operations in Argentina its third overseas factory outside of Italy. The first model to be assembled at Córdoba Industrial Center will be the Scrambler Ducati Icon (the Scrambler Icon Dark is priced at RM49,900 in Malaysia.)

Ducati currently has seven exclusive dealerships with integrated service in Argentina, including a showroom area and dedicated space for the Ducati Scrambler range. The commercial relationship between Ducati and Volkswagen Group Argentina began in 2013, after Audi AG bought the Italian motorcycle manufacturer globally in 2012.

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