2022 Honda Navi 110 introduced in US market – paultan.org

Resembling the Honda MSX125 or Grom is the 2022 Honda Navi, freshly introduced in the US motorcycle market. Smaller than the Grom, the Navi is similarly styled to the Ruckus, a youth-oriented runabout for short trips around the neighbourhood.

Powered by a single-cylinder, 109 cc engine with V-Matic automatic transmission and belt final drive, the Navi did not come with any performance figures. However, from the specifications which are close to the Honda BeAT scooter (RM5,555 in Malaysia), you can expect 8.98 hp at 7,500 rpm and 9.53 Nm at 5,500 rpm as a reasonable power number.

Simplicity is the order of the day for the Navi, with mechanical drum brakes on the front 12-inch wheel and rear 10-inch wheel. Tyre sizing is 90/90 front and 90/100 rear, typical scooter sizes. For comparison, the BeAT comes with 14-inch wheels.

Riding conveniences include a locking side compartment where the engine would be on a normal motorcycle, electric starting and 3.8-liters of fuel in the tank. The Navi uses conventional telescopic front forks and a single shock absorber in the rear while overall weight is 107 kg and seat height is set at 764 mm.

Aside from that, Honda says the Navi is designed to be easily approachable and meant for every rider with a listed price of USD 1,800 (RM7,516). The Navi comes in four colours and a wide range of accessories is available from the Honda catalogue.

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